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Dream2Move Update 2.0

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We have made some major changes to Dream2Move on how users connect with each other, how you as an estate agency advertise your properties and the community around you.

So Dream2Move is a Free Property Directory for estate agents, landlords property developers, holiday home agents and tenants allowing you to advertise unlimited properties for property finders to search and connect with you easily. This is perfect for everyone and you as a seller can analysis your traffic report for your listings.

We could not just stop there, No. We have to take it one step further with an integrated social media platform to allow property finders to connect with estate agents and landlords on a more social level by sending connection requests and sending instant messages to one and other.

Why stop with properties Dream2Move is for everyone including the local business that supports their community, you don’t have to advertise properties to become part of Dream2Move Social Property Directory as our social platform allows you to do all of the following listed below to help you connect with more leads/customers.

  • Publish your own Community News Articles for the public to read
  • Post community statues, like videos, images, and simple text to gather more interaction with followers.
  • Send and Recieve Friends Requests
  • Send Instant Messages
  • Create and Join Community Groups
  • Get Community Support with the Forum, Create your own Forum from your Group
  • Upload your professional gallery for others to few
  • Followers can review your page

Your privacy and information are important, so with our 2.0 update, we have provided you with a full Community Settings to allow you to hide your profile, and edit every bit of information that users can see on your profile.

Take advantage of what Dream2Move has to offer, make it your number one property directory to connect with estate agents, landlords, property developers, holiday home agents and business.

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